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Publishes information on a wide variety of hobbies and collectibles including stamps as well as paper money, coins, and cards. It also has price guides and some of the best links anywhere.

Stamp Fun for Kids
The American Philtelic Society has a page just for stamp collecting with kids.

American Topical Association
The largest topical stamp organization in the world - over 50 years in operation.

Stamporama: The free club for all stamp collectors
Stamporama began with 6 members in January 1996 with one idea -- trading duplicates among the members. Today Stamporama has over 675 members from 47 states, 11 Provinces and Territories of Canada and 62 other countries.

National Postal Museum
The National Postal Museum celebrates the beauty and lore of stamps, showcasing rare stamps and covers from the Museum's renowned collection.

USPS - Stamp Collecting
Stamp collection pages from the United States Post Office.

Art History on Stamps
The development of art history through times as illustrated on postage stamps, giving at the same time an overview of selected artists and their works representative for a given style.

Czeslaw Slania's Engraved Stamps and Banknotes
Resource for the engraved stamps and banknotes of the world famous engraver.

Swiss Pro Juventute Stamps Raise Funds for Children and Families
For 100 years now the Swiss Post has issued semi-postal stamps and philatelic products to raise money for the Pro Juventute Foundation. The attractive topical stamps and good works of Pro Juventute combine to make these issues favorites with the Swiss public and stamp collectors around the world.

Finding Watermarks on Stamps
Stamp collectors use watermarks to help indentify stamps that appear similar but were actually part of different production runs. However, for both the new and the experienced philatelist making a positive watermark ID can be quite the challenge. This overview of techniques and equipment is just what the stamp doctor ordered to help you find those ellusive markings.

The Stamps of Germany's Inflation Period
The story of Germany's period of hyperinflation reflected in the stamp issues of the day.

The Pan American Stamp Series of 1901
On May 1, 1901, the Post Office Department released the Pan American series of stamps. The first stamps of the 20th Century, the series featured then-modern transportation themes, ornately illustrated, and printed using a bi-color printing process. Immediately popular, the stamps remain darlings of United States collectors.

The United States Bank Note Stamps
Detailed information on the United States Bank Note issues of postage stamps. Covers paper types, grills and secret marks. In the years between 1870 and 1893 dozens of varieties of stamps were produced. These varieties - stamps that appear similar but are treated as distinct issues by philatelists - include the scarcest and most valuable stamps in US collecting.

The Problem of Color in Stamp Collecting
The color of a stamp is often key to making a proper identification, but choosing the correct color is easier said than done. This review surveys the issues around stamp color identification and some of the solutions collectors have come up with over the years.

Siam - The Classic Stamps of Thailand
Some of stamp collecting's greatest treasures come from Thailand. This survey of the Siam period of Thailand's stamp production will help you learn about the classic issues of this nation.

All About Stamp Perforations
Perforation measurement provides a way to distinguish otherwise similar appearing stamps, and all major stamp catalogs will provide this information. This article will help you learn the basics of the technique.

Bavaria and the First Stamp Issues of the German States
The story of the stamp issues of Bavaria, the first stamp issuing nation of the German States and the ninth such country in the world.

Leipzig Fair Philately
For the better part of 1,000 years, merchants have gathered at the Leipzig Trade Fair to sell their wares. In modern times the Leipzig Fair (Leipziger Messe in German) has produced a wealth of philatelic collectibles including stamps, covers, collector cards, and cancels.

The Inverted Jenny - The World's Most Famous Stamp
There is no more iconic emblem of the stamp collecting hobby than the Inverted Jenny. The 1918 United States bi-color error features a blue Curtiss Jenny airplane, upside down in a red frame. The dramatic nature of the error and its storied history has left the Inverted Jenny as the world's most recognizable stamp.

United Stamps Stamp Values
Wondering what your old U.S. stamps are worth? Hobbizine stamp value guides list prices in new and used condition.

Carla Heymsfeld's Home Page
Visit Carla Heymsfeld's home page for information on her many books with fun activities for students and teachers.

Kids Can TeachTeaches students in grades 3-6 to read, talk, and play with their preschool siblings in order to build the language background the little ones need to succeed in school.

Coin Collecting Articles from Coin Spot

Collecting the Coins of France
With more than 2,500 years of coin history, France offers something for all coin collectors. This introduction provides an overview of French numismatics and a detailed history from ancient Gaul to the coins of the European Union.

How Coins are Made
With more than 2,500 years of coin history, France offers something for all coin collectors. This introduction provides an overview of French numismatics and a detailed history from ancient Gaul to the coins of the European Union.

Collecting Ancient Coins
A guide to modern coin manufacture from the original design, to making hubs and dies, to the actual striking of the coins in a press.