A Hobby to Share with Your Grandchild

Looking for fun activities to do with your grandchildren? Here you'll find information and helpful advice on how to start a stamp collection with your grandson or granddaughter and begin a hobby that you can enjoy together for a lifetime.

In the modern age of computers and gadgets, it might seem like stamp collecting is a poor distraction. But the truth is that children of all ages love stamps. For the youngest, a colorful object that they can call their own is prize enough. For the older kids, the notion of building a collection can really take root and they will enjoy participating in a project that grows and develops along with them.

There are many advantages to choosing stamp collecting as an activity to share with a young person. First of all, stamps are easily available - you can literally begin your collection without spending a cent. While letter writing may have become a bit of a lost art, you'll be amazed at the variety of stamps you'll find in your own mailbox once you start paying attention. Spread the word, and friends and family will be happy to start setting aside stamps coming into their own homes. You can learn about removing stamps from paper at the Tools and Techniques page.

Stamp collecting has a great heritage that you can tap into as you work with your grandchild. There are many books at the library, several magazines, and even a weekly newspaper. There are also clubs that have meetings and most cities have regular stamp shows where you can go to meet dealers and see stamps and stamp collections. And of course the Internet is brimming with resources to help you enjoy the hobby.

Another plus for stamp collecting is that it is an "adult" hobby - not something babyish that will be rejected as your grandchild grows up. And it doesn't require strength or agility that will bar you as you age. It is truly a hobby for all ages.

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